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"Loved this workshop, gained so much awareness around habits and kind ways to heal. Siri Brahma is very kind and non-
judgmental which helps with hearing/learning accessing material." -Tricia MacMahan

"I learned so much in Siri Brahma's Kundalini Yoga for Addiction Recovery course. I stopped drinking after the third session. I am so grateful to not be drinking anymore." -Ali Murphy

"Siri Brahma has taught for many years with one goal: guiding students toward their authentic self. I've sat next to her in many courses and attended many of her classes. She leads with compassion and understanding and isn't afraid to be human, to be real, and that's what counts... she leads by example. And this has been a blessing for me in my own personal pursuits and aspirations. Thank you, Siri Brahma, for being a steadying force, always showing up, and always being true to yourself. I am a better version of me for that gift. Much gratitude." -Len Berkowitz